Aura Wellness PEMF

The Latest Revolution
In Wellness Technology


Aura Wellness offers the newest machines for medical professionals and at-home personal use. Bring an Aura of health home today.

AURA: The Future of Wellness Technology

Aura’s newest devices are at the forefront of health and wellness options. Including adjustable intensity levels, digital timers, plug-and-play applicators, and customized session programs, Aura’s devices are great for use in the office or at home. Our priority is your wellness with our easy-to-use, high power devices.

Aura Device Features


Adjustable timer


20 Intensity Settings

High Power = Fast Session Times

Custom Session Programs

Home & Office Use


Renew and restore your health and wellness with the Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse generates a digital signal in a lightweight, portable design. Featuring 10 settings across 20 intervals, the Nova Pulse allows you to find most comfortable session intensity. Designed for at-home wellness, the Nova Pulse utilizes innovative technology for ease of use no matter where you are. 


As a fully programmable device, the Aura Pulse is perfect for office situations that require a specialized touch. The Aura Pulse has 20 settings for intensity and a timer that goes up to 90 minutes on its easy-to-read, high-resolution digital display. The Aura Pulse is designed to recalibrate itself every time the device is powered on, ensuring you consistency across sessions. The large digital buttons make this high-power device the easiest to use for any situation.