Aura Wellness PEMF


Our applicators have been designed to fit comfortably on the body to address any areas of inflammation or sensitivity. All of our applicators are safe to use, but some may be more effective than others at improving health and wellness.

Butterfly Loop

Designed to address the major joints, the Butterfly Loop can be opened to use on both the anterior and posterior of the shoulders, knees, and extremities. The Butterfly Loop comes in a 6 ft lead. All Aura devices include the Butterfly Loop.

Large Loop

Simple but powerful, the Large Loop is our most versatile applicator and has been designed to address a variety of areas. The applicator can be used to target multiple areas on the body during a session, from shoulders and neck to the abdomen, hips and legs; this applicator can do it all! The Large Loop comes with a 6 ft lead.

Half Body Energy Mat

The Half Body Energy Mat can be laid on or used in a chair to address larger areas in a single session. Especially designed to address the full large areas of the body, including the lumbar region, shoulders, and more!  The Mat material is soft and comfortable. The Half Body Energy Mat comes with a 6 ft lead. The Mat is 18” x 23”. Color of mat may vary.

Large Wings

The Large Wings provide consistent signal on either side of the loop to enhance overall wellness. The Large Wings are great to address a larger area at once. For example, use the Large Wings across the back in a loose backpack to address the shoulders, chest, and back! The Large Wings use a patented design to ensure the entire body is addressed with out creating hot spots. The Large Wings come with a 6 ft lead.

Full Body Mat for Chair and Ottoman

The Full Body Mat brings health and wellness to the entire body during a single session. Especially designed to be inviting and comfortable the chair can massage in a mild manner while the person is in a reclined comfortable position. The chair aids in full body relaxation and rejuvenation. The Full Body Mat comes with a chair, but can also be used on a massage table if needed. The Full Body Mat comes with a 6 ft lead.