Aura Wellness PEMF


Renew & Restore Your Aura

The most customizable and high power wellness device available from Aura Wellness.

The Aura Pulse generates a strong analog signal that is great for office sessions. The Aura Pulse has 20 settings for intensity and a timer that goes up to 90 minutes, but includes the ability for customized sessions based on session requirements.

Featuring a high resolution, digital LCD display, using Aura devices has never been easier.

The Aura Pulse is able to recalibrate itself every time the device is powered on, ensuring consistent session strengths across use.

Aura Pulse

Starting at $45,000

Inculded Applicators

Every Purchase includes
Butterfly Loop | Large Loop | PEMF Chair

Butterfly Loop
Large Loop
PEMF Chair


  • High Power Digital signal for short session times.
  • Includes 20 settings for intensity.
  • Timer adjusts up to 90 minutes.
  • Fully portable with a convenient travel handle.
  • Backed by a 3-year full Warranty and 7-year Extended Warranty at no additional cost
  • 30-day money back guarantee from date of purchase, less a restocking fee
  • Digital Machine (Solid-State)
  • High Voltage – Low Frequency
  • Voltages: 120 vac. 1-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 18.0” W x 12.1”D x 5.5” H
  • Weight: 26 lbs