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FDA Regulations

Currently, AURA Wellness is registered with the FDA as a manufacturer of medical devices. Having our device facility and listing our devices does not, in any way, constitute FDA approval of our facility or our devices.

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FDA Establishment Registration & Device Listing

Proprietary Name: NOVA HD


Product Code: ISA6

Device Class: 1

Regulation Number: 890.5660 7 

Medical Specialty: Physical Medicine

Registered Establishment Name: Aura Wellness LLC

Registered Establishment Number: 3018608545

Owner/Operator: Aura Wellness , LLC

Owner/Operator Number: 10081462

Established Operations: Manufacturer

Establishment: Aura Wellness, LLC

11530 Electron Drive Louisville, KY 40229

Registration Number: 3018608545

FEI Number: 3018608545

Status: Active 

Date Of Registration Status: 2021

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