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Best Ways to Improve Circulation in Your Feet

June 26, 2024

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Though not life-threatening, poor circulation in the feet and lower legs can significantly affect your quality of life. Weak blood flow deprives tissues of the oxygen and nutrients they need to function properly. Initial symptoms include cold feet, numbness, tingling, and discoloration, possibly leading to sores, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis. Improvement takes time, but can be achieved through a combination of exercise, lifestyle changes, and restorative therapies. If you’re experiencing poor blood flow, here are the best ways to improve circulation in your feet.


Healthy Lifestyle

Personal habits can seriously impair your circulation. Improving your health often starts with small but significant changes to the way you live. Patients with poor circulation are advised to:

  • Toe Lifts. Stand with your feet planted firmly on the floor, then slowly raise your toes as high as you can. Hold for a few seconds and then lower them back to the floor. For added benefits, wriggle your toes after lifting them.
  • Ankle Circles. Can be performed standing, sitting, or lying on the floor – whichever is most comfortable. Slowly rotate your ankle to the left, then to the right. Some patients draw the alphabet with their big toe instead.
  • Squats. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, then slowly bend your knees 90 degrees while keeping your back straight, like you’re sitting in a chair. Hold for a moment before returning to your original position.
  • Viparita Karani. Also known as the legs up the wall pose, this is a yoga exercise that inverts the body without straining the head or neck. Lower your back to the floor and swing your legs up so your heels are resting on the wall. Then inch forward until your legs and rear are pressed flat against it. Maintain this position for 10-15 minutes or whatever time is most comfortable for you.


Compression Socks

Unlike regular socks, compression socks squeeze the blood vessels in your legs and feet. This increases the arterial pressure inside your veins, which keeps blood circulating back up towards your heart. Though they can be worn all day, many patients only slip them on at night or when they know they’ll be sitting for an extended period, such as at work or on an airplane.


Foot Massage

Massaging your feet helps clear blood from congested areas beneath your skin, while promoting fresh circulation at the same time. Along with blood, massaging your muscles also flushes out your lymphatic capillary network, which removes metabolic waste generated by your cells.


Warm Soak

Warm water is one of the oldest and most effective ways to improve circulation in your feet. The heat expands your veins and arteries, allowing blood to move more freely through your system. Regularly soaking your feet in warm water helps reduce the pain and swelling associated with poor circulation, while also reducing your risk of blood clots.


PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy enhances microcirculation ‒ the flow of blood through the smallest vessels in your circulatory system. Every cell in your body communicates through bioelectric signals that control their basic functions. PEMF influences these signals, altering the electrical potential of membranes and ion channels inside your cells. This accelerates the exchange of calcium and potassium ions, which play an important role in smooth muscle cell contraction and relaxation. Regular application of PEMF also has several other benefits, including:

  • Vasodilation. The medical term for the widening of blood vessels. By relaxing the walls of your veins, arteries, and capillaries, PEMF ensures blood reaches all the muscles and tissues in your feet.
  • Reduces Inflammation. Prolonged inflammation leads to narrow blood vessels, which not only impedes blood flow, but increases your risk of blood clots. PEMF triggers the release of anti-inflammatory proteins known as cytokines, preventing an excessive immune response that can damage circulation.
  • Increased Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide relieves constricted blood vessels, helping blood pass through otherwise narrow channels in your legs and feet.


Improving Circulation with Aura Wellness

Aura Wellness PEMF devices help restore circulation to deprived tissues, including the ones in your feet. Our devices penetrate deep into your body to improve cellular and vascular function, ensuring your cells receive a stable supply of oxygen and nutrients while efficiently removing waste products. If you’re suffering from poor circulation, contact one of our product specialists for more information about the benefits of PEMF.

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