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PEMF Therapy for Cancer

May 29, 2024

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Cancer is a complex disease caused by mutated cells that divide and grow uncontrollably, forming tumors that can spread throughout the body. Because they reproduce so quickly, cancer cells don’t form functional tissue. Instead, they kill healthy cells, generate excess metabolic waste, and deprive organs of essential oxygen and nutrients.

Patients diagnosed with cancer have three primary treatment options: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. In addition, there are a host of alternative therapies designed to help manage symptoms and aid recovery. Of these, PEMF is one of the most promising.

PEMF penetrates deep into human tissue, stimulating your body on a fundamental level. It enhances cellular respiration, the process that turns glucose into energy. More importantly, it increases circulation, significantly increasing the amount of oxygen flowing through the targeted area, which has important implications for cancer treatment.


PEMF Therapy and Cancer Growth

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells thrive in hypoxic conditions, where bodily tissues don’t have enough oxygen to function properly. Cancer cells are actually a leading cause of hypoxia in many patients, which creates difficulties for clinicians. Lack of oxygen makes cancer more resistant to conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

By encouraging circulation, PEMF helps raise oxygen levels inside tumors, making them more responsive to medical interventions. The increase in oxygen may also create an unfriendly environment for cancer, where it is less likely to grow, spread, and survive. Certain studies have found that exposure to PEMF:

It’s important to note that research into PEMF therapy for cancer is still ongoing and definitive conclusions about its effects have not yet been reached. Results from laboratory and animal experiments are promising, but relate only to a narrow window of action. Though it is often referred to as a single disease, in reality cancer is a collection of separate diseases that originate in different parts of the body. As a result, every study on PEMF applies to a specific type of cancer and can’t be generalized to other forms. Nonetheless, the evidence collected so far is encouraging and suggests PEMF could become a valuable and recognized adjunct to traditional cancer treatments sometime in the near future.


Restoring Health with Aura Wellness

PEMF therapy stimulates the body’s natural regenerative processes, allowing patients to recover and restore their health at an accelerated rate. While research into PEMF’s effect on cancer is not yet conclusive, it is encouraging, revealing a possible addition to the accepted range of treatments currently available. Speak with one of our product specialists for more information.

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