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For Chiropractors

Aura PEMF is a cutting-edge therapy that utilizes high-powered pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate cellular repair and rejuvenation to promote healing.

Increased Mobility

Shorter Recovery Time

Reduction of Inflammation

Feel the Results

Reduction of Pain

Proprietary Tech

Increased Mobility
Routine use of PEMF devices may improve the body’s ability to repair cells.

Shorter Recovery Time
Using a PEMF device may aid in quicker recovery and restore proper nerve function.

Reduction of Inflammation
PEMF naturally aids in preventing infection, reducing existing bruising and preventing new bruising, and maintaining proper incision care.

Feel the Results
PEMF signals are felt immediately and will continue to improve with additional sessions.

Reduction of Pain
As a powerful, non-invasive method, PEMF shows results in managing postoperative pain and swelling after surgery.

Proprietary Tech
Our sleek, modern design is a testament to our commitment to keeping pace with the latest developments in the field.

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PEMF therapy reduces inflammation, reduces pain, and increases mobility in patients.

By reducing the inflammation in these damaged cells, Aura PEMF is eliminating the barriers that are stopping your body from healing.

PEMF has been thoroughly studied, referenced in over 780+ studies on PubMed in over 20+ different therapeutic areas.

Aura Benefits

For Your Chiropractic Practice

Ease of Integration

Our PEMF devices are designed for seamless integration into your existing treatment protocols. Aura PEMF is a PROGRAMMABLE and UNASSISTED technology. You, a staff member, or your patient CAN SET IT and FORGET IT. With treatment time ranging 10 - 20 minutes your practice can easily incorporate this technology, enriching your service offerings without disrupting established workflows.

Business Growth

PEMF therapy can be a key differentiator for your practice in a competitive healthcare market. By adopting this advanced technology, your practice can attract a broader patient base seeking innovative treatment methods. With the operational efficiency of AURA PEMF, you can accommodate more patients within the same working hours, maximizing patient turnover and revenue potential.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Integrating PEMF into your chiropractic services can significantly elevate patient satisfaction. By offering a cutting-edge treatment that is both effective and non-invasive, you can enhance patient comfort and treatment outcomes, leading to higher patient retention and referrals.

Competitive Edge

Offering PEMF therapy positions your practice at the forefront of chiropractic care innovation. This not only distinguishes your services in the healthcare market but also demonstrates your commitment to adopting advanced treatment solutions for optimal patient care.

Benefits of Patients

Health Benefits

PEMF therapy offers a wide range of health benefits for patients. It aids in reducing inflammation, improving circulation, enhancing muscle function, and accelerating the healing of bone and soft tissue. By addressing various health issues at the cellular level, PEMF therapy contributes to overall wellness and recovery.

Safety and Comfort

PEMF therapy is recognized for its safety and non-invasive nature. It offers a comfortable treatment experience without the risks associated with surgery or medication. This makes it an ideal choice for patients of all ages and conditions, looking for a pain-free path to better health.

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One of the greatest advantages of PEMF therapy is that it can be administered in your home, without clinical supervision

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