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What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a noninvasive treatment that stimulates the body’s natural, regenerative processes.

Increased Mobility

Shorter Recovery Time

Reduction of Inflammation

Feel the Results

Reduction of Pain

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Increased Mobility
Routine use of PEMF devices may improve the body’s ability to repair cells.

Shorter Recovery Time
Using a PEMF device may aid in quicker recovery and restore proper nerve function.

Reduction of Inflammation
PEMF naturally aids in preventing infection, reducing existing bruising and preventing new bruising, and maintaining proper incision care.

Feel the Results
PEMF signals are felt immediately and will continue to improve with additional sessions.

Reduction of Pain
As a powerful, non-invasive method, PEMF shows results in managing postoperative pain and swelling after surgery.

Proprietary Tech
Our sleek, modern design is a testament to our commitment to keeping pace with the latest developments in the field.

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Every nerve, endocrine, and muscle cell in your body communicates through electrical signals, which are controlled by ions that circulate in and out of cell membranes. Because ions are positively charged and resting cells are negatively charged, they react to magnetic fields.

PEMF therapy takes advantage of this by applying intermittent, current-generated magnetic field pulses to damaged tissue. By matching the frequency of the target cells, it induces cellular resonance, which occurs whenever an external magnetic force matches the electromagnetic field generated by your cells. This realigns the electric charge in your cell membranes, allowing more ions to flow inside, which triggers the intra and extracellular exchange of nutrients and waste, in order to power reactions that rebuild damaged tissues.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

PEMF therapy devices are remarkably simple. Electrical current flows through a coiled series of copper or aluminum wires called a solenoid, which creates a magnetic field around the coil. The coil is placed against the affected area or wrapped around the target body part. Though they will be able to feel the magnetic field pulsing, patients generally don’t experience any discomfort while the device is active.

Magnetic pulses are delivered in short sessions, normally lasting thirty minutes, over several weeks. Benefits are experienced on a cellular level, including:

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Cellular Respiration

PEMF increases the rate at which your body breaks down food for chemical energy, providing more fuel for cell functions.

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Blood Flow

PEMF therapy accelerates the flow of oxygen and nutrients into cells, which aids healing and recovery.

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Therapy sessions create an influx of anti-inflammatory proteins and compounds, such as cytokines, haptoglobin, and heme oxygenase, that reduce pain and swelling.

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What are the Benefits of PEMF?

PEMF is effective both as an adjunct treatment and a stand-alone therapy, a powerful tool for a wide range of ailments.

Studies have demonstrated PEMF is useful against:

Joint Pain

Clinical research has shown pulsed electromagnetic fields reduce pain and stiffness in patients suffering from afflictions that affect bone and cartilage

Back Pain

Therapists at Aura Wellness have successfully used PEMF devices to combat persistent lower back pain. Patients not only experienced less discomfort as a result of treatment, but better lumbar extension and glute strength as well.

Chronic Inflammation

Clinicians found that PEMF treatment improved the gene expressions regulating inflammation, dampening the inflammatory response and increasing production of anti-inflammatory compounds in all types of treated cells.

Orthopedic Conditions

Doctors have found that PEMF helps strengthen bones and cartilage, allowing them to endure greater mechanical strain. Evidence suggests exposure to PEMF helps relieve symptoms of arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Trauma, Surgery, and Recovery

PEMF helps trauma and surgical patients recover faster, leading to better outcomes and fewer complications.

It’s already a common treatment for some soft tissue injuries, such as epicondylitis (also known as tennis elbow) and rotator cuff tears. In fact, rotator cuff patients treated with PEMF exhibit a greater range of motion three months after surgery than patients who received no such treatment.

PEMF physical therapy

Who uses PEMF?

Physical Therapists

Aura PEMF devices can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, from acute injuries to chronic conditions, making them a versatile tool in a physical therapist’s arsenal.


Aura PEMF therapy can be effective in reducing pain, including back pain and joint pain, which are common complaints in chiropractic patients. This can provide a non-pharmacological option for pain management.

Sports Medicine

Aura PEMF Machines can be found in locker rooms and training facilities all across the world, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & Power 5 Colleges and Universities!

Doctor-Approved, Athlete-Preferred.

Vijay Singh - Golfer

Vijay Singh

3 Time PGA Major Winner,
World Golf Hall of Fame

“I was having issues with my knees and ankle and a Tour member friend suggested I try a couple of treatments with the Nova HD. I was so impressed with the results that I purchased my own Nova HD.”

Tanner Scott - MLB Pitcher

Tanner Scott

MLB Pitcher,
Miami Marlins

“After every game, my arm used to be my biggest concern, feeling every pitch for days. Since I started using Aura PEMF therapy, I’ve noticed a real change. The inflammation is down, and my recovery time has been cut in half. I’m ready for the next game faster than ever.”

Dr Brandon Evans

Dr. Brandon Evans, PT, DPT

ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness

“As a physical therapist, Aura PEMF has been a breakthrough in my practice, offering innovative solutions for patient care and recovery. Its advanced technology has significantly enhanced treatment outcomes, elevating my professional capabilities[...]”

3000 BC - 500 AD

Early 1900s





Ancient Civilizations


Various ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese, recognized the therapeutic potential of magnetic fields. Historical records show that these civilizations used magnets and stones with magnetic properties to treat ailments.

Tesla and Electromagnetism

nicola tesla

The therapeutic use of electricity and magnetism was explored by several researchers and physicians during this period. There was growing scientific interest in electromagnetism, thanks to the works of pioneers like James Clerk Maxwell and Nikola Tesla.

Mid 20th Century


In the 1950s and 1960s, systematic exploration of the therapeutic applications of electromagnetic fields began. This was when the term "pulsed electromagnetic fields" came into play. Studies focused on its application for bone healing and pain relief.

PEMF Gets FDA Approval

FDA approved

In the 1950s and 1960s, systematic exploration of the therapeutic applications of electromagnetic fields began. This was when the term "pulsed electromagnetic fields" came into play. Studies focused on its application for bone healing and pain relief.

MagnaWave is Born

PEMF mobile cases

Pat Ziemer and his wife Debi founded MagnaWave in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2006. Shortly after they began manufacturing MagnaWave machines in-house, and since then have become the world's leader in PEMF technology.


woman using Nova HD machine

Summer 2019 – Pat and Alane realized they could duplicate the same success and benefits in the human world that Magnawave had in the equine/animal industry. The idea of AURA Wellness was hatched, and they started the long process of gaining approval from the FDA. September 2023 – Aura Wellness and the Nova HD+ received 510k clearance from the FDA.

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