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Sports Medicine

Aura PEMF: Advancing Sports Medicine with State-of-the-Art Electromagnetic Therapy

Increased Mobility

Shorter Recovery Time

Reduction of Inflammation

Feel the Results

Reduction of Pain

Proprietary Tech

Increased Mobility
Routine use of PEMF devices may improve the body’s ability to repair cells.

Shorter Recovery Time
Using a PEMF device may aid in quicker recovery and restore proper nerve function.

Reduction of Inflammation
PEMF naturally aids in preventing infection, reducing existing bruising and preventing new bruising, and maintaining proper incision care.

Feel the Results
PEMF signals are felt immediately and will continue to improve with additional sessions.

Reduction of Pain
As a powerful, non-invasive method, PEMF shows results in managing postoperative pain and swelling after surgery.

Proprietary Tech
Our sleek, modern design is a testament to our commitment to keeping pace with the latest developments in the field.

PEMF therapist stretching

Aura PEMF is a groundbreaking therapy in sports medicine, utilizing high-powered pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate cellular repair and rejuvenation, thus promoting faster recovery and enhanced performance.

Backed by over 780+ studies across more than 20 therapeutic areas on PubMed, Aura PEMF is instrumental in reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and improving mobility, making it an ideal addition to sports medicine practices.

Aura Benefits

Elevate Your Sports Medicine Practice with Aura Benefits

Optimized Recovery Integration

Aura PEMF devices are specifically designed for easy integration into sports medicine recovery protocols. Aura PEMF is a PROGRAMMABLE and UNASSISTED technology.  You, a staff member, or your patient CAN SET IT and FORGET IT. With treatment time ranging 10 - 20 minutes, these devices complement existing treatment methods, enhancing recovery services without altering your established routines.

Enhanced Athletic Recovery

Incorporating Aura PEMF into your sports medicine services significantly boosts recovery times. This technology accelerates the healing process, wherever inflammation is present, such as in the wrist, ankles, knees, etc. This can aid in the quick rehabilitation of sports injuries, which is essential for athletes looking to return to peak performance swiftly.

Competitive Differentiator for Your Practice

Adopting Aura PEMF sets your sports medicine practice apart in the competitive sports medicine market. This cutting-edge therapy attracts athletes and sports enthusiasts seeking the latest in recovery technology, offering your practice a distinct edge. Efficient treatment sessions enable you to accommodate more athletes, maximizing your practice's potential.

Improved Athlete Satisfaction and Retention

Athletes receiving Aura PEMF therapy often report enhanced recovery experiences and outcomes. This leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty, potentially increasing athlete retention and referrals, thus bolstering your practice's reputation in the sports community.

Forefront of Sports Recovery Technology

Offering Aura PEMF therapy positions your practice as a leader in sports medicine innovation. This demonstrates your commitment to providing the most advanced recovery solutions available, showcasing your dedication to athlete care and performance enhancement.

Benefits of Patients

Targeted Health and Recovery Benefits

Aura PEMF therapy offers athletes comprehensive health advantages. It is particularly effective in reducing inflammation, improving circulation, enhancing muscle function, and speeding up the healing of sports-related injuries. By addressing these issues at the cellular level, Aura PEMF supports overall athletic performance and recovery.

Safe, Non-Invasive Treatment for Athletes

Recognized for its safety and non-invasive nature, Aura PEMF therapy is an ideal treatment for athletes of all levels. It offers a risk-free, comfortable treatment option, free from the concerns associated with more invasive procedures or long-term medication use.

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One of the greatest advantages of PEMF therapy is that it can be administered in your home, without clinical supervision

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