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Overcoming Shoulder Pain with PEMF Therapy

May 22, 2024

older male patient with shoulder pain

Approximately 70 percent of Americans develop shoulder pain at some point during their life, especially if they engage in repetitive overhead motions such as swimming or weightlifting. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in your body, but also the most unstable. Though its mobility allows it to perform a large range of tasks, mobility also makes your shoulder vulnerable to strain and recurrent stress.

Your shoulder is made up of four separate joints. The acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joints are relatively stationary, while the glenohumeral (ball and socket joint) and scapulothoracic (shoulder blade) can rotate up to 270 and 60 degrees respectively. Because these two joints are relatively shallow, they depend on your muscles and ligaments for stability.

When these get injured, they lose their ability to hold the joint steady, resulting in abnormal bone movement. This wears away the cartilage that cushions your shoulder, leading to osteoarthritis or rotator cuff tear arthropathy, which occurs when the tendons around the ball socket are worn away. Repetitive shoulder injuries can even have cascading effects that create chronic pain in your biceps and wrists.

Shoulder injuries are sometimes the result of blunt force trauma, forceful twisting, or a sudden pull, but more often they’re caused by overuse. Repetitive stress creates microtears in your muscles and ligaments. When given time to heal, the shoulder normally recovers without any issue, becoming stronger in the process. However, if you don’t take time to rest, tears accumulate faster than they can be repaired ‒ leading to increased pain and instability throughout the joint.


Treating Shoulder Pain

Repetitive shoulder injuries develop gradually. In fact, many people don’t realize they have one until they experience pain lifting or rotating their arm. The best way to avoid serious damage is to modulate your activity as soon as you notice symptoms. Resting your shoulder gives it time to heal on its own. Doctors also recommend icing the affected area and avoiding strenuous movements to avoid putting more stress on the joint.

If your range of motion is still limited after 4-6 weeks, consult a physician. They may be able to brace the shoulder or prescribe medication to help manage the pain. Physical therapy and soft tissue massage may also reduce symptoms. Surgery may be required in extreme cases, but it is not the only option.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is an alternative treatment that complements traditional approaches to shoulder pain. It stimulates your body with recurrent waves of electromagnetic energy, mimicking the bioelectric signals that influence cellular activity. This increases cellular respiration (the process by which cells produce energy), as well as the flow of oxygen and nutrients into damaged tissue, in order to accelerate the healing process.


Treating Shoulder Pain with PEMF Therapy

We were contacted by a 60-year-old fitness enthusiast suffering from persistent shoulder pain that hindered his daily activities and fitness routine. Despite four months of conventional treatment, his symptoms had not improved. His goal was to reduce pain, restore his range of motion, and resume his active lifestyle without restrictions.

Aura Wellness offered a holistic approach to his condition (biceps tendonitis). By combining traditional treatments with therapy sessions using our NOVA HD device, we were able to reduce inflammation and promote healing in the targeted area. After just three sessions, the patient experienced a significant decrease in soreness while at rest and a 50 percent reduction in pain during overhead lifts.

Before the third session, a biceps tendon mobilization was performed to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy. By the fifth visit, the patient had regained full range of motion in his shoulder and he was able to return to his workouts without any constraints.


Experience Faster Recovery with Aura Wellness

Aura Wellness PEMF technology is an integrative treatment method that helps regenerate damaged tissue. By boosting circulation and cellular activity, PEMF therapy improves outcomes for patients suffering from shoulder pain. Combining our technology with traditional treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, and deep tissue massage provides greater benefits than with conventional procedures alone. Speak with one of our product specialists for more information.

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